About Us!

JANAKALYAN SEVASHRAM is a Registered Public Charitable Trust which was incorporated under section 25 of the Companies Act in the year 1997.

The Ashram has a 4 storied building with 40 rooms with attached toilets and bathrooms, a small temple of Lord Ganesha , dining area and a Common Kitchen at Parpund, Panvel.

There are 100 inmates including 35 senior citizens who have no one to care for them, 50 children who have only their mother ( father has died or divorced and the mother works as a housemaid or labourer) & 15 staff members who all live within the ashram premises. They are all provided with breakfast, lunch & Dinner All are provided adequate medicines and health care. All the children go to 4 nearby schools and their entire expenses are borne by the ashram. Special tuitions are also given to the children. They are also provided with School Books, School Bags, Uniforms etc.

The entire expenses of the Ashram is met out of Donations received from kind hearted philanthropists & well wishers and all donations are eligible for tax rebates under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.
Board Of Directors